BIM legal issue in Vietnam

Vietnam construction law no 50/2014/QH13, which passed in 18/6/2014 and active from 01/01/2015, mentioned about some quote related BIM in basic principle in investment construction (term 3, Clause 4) and Management (term 1, Clause 66)

As project on restructure construction industry involve with converting increase model into advancing quality, efficient and compete competence period 2014-2020, which approved by prime minister at decision no 134/QD-TTg in 26/01/2015 also define BIM application is one of major solution to achieve project objective.
Widen BIM application is also push up applying science and technology to increase compete competence of businesses and industry, which conditioned in Degree no 26/NQ-CP in 15/4/2015 of publishing Government programme about applying degree of The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam no 36-NQ/TW in 01/07/2014, which improve application, develop technology to get require sustainable development and global integration
Some national departments have started preparing for BIM application into projects of their industry (such as transport, health, water). Especially in Ho Chi Minh department of transport was prior to encourage applying BIM into whole of transport in HCMC. According to document no 4405/SGTVT-XD in 23/06/2014 was sent to investors, consultant companies and contractors, the Association of Bridges and roads-port in Ho Chi Minh City not only defined BIM benefits but also asked these offices to research, learn and apply BIM in pilot; prepare infrastructures and human resource to create BIM working environment. Besides that, investors have to learn current investment regulations, have methods to get BIM application into assessment criteria when choose consultant, contractor at pre-investment, investing, as-built and operation…
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