BIM forum Vietnam in May 2016

Ministry of Construction of Vietnam is taking lead of BIM Roadmap project into Vietnam, Institute of Construction Economies had being chaired project about BIM Road map for Vietnam. For a communication forum in Construction, Institute of Construction Economies organised meeting as “BIM Forum 05/2016 – The advantage and difficulties of BIM integration into project in Vietnam”. There are many head specialist and companies taking part in which.

At the meeting, Mr. Prof. Rauno Heikkila from Oulu University (Finland) talked to Advantages and Difficulties in Implementing BIM in Finnish Companies -  
Role of BIM Guidelines and Standards in Implementing BIM. According to Mr. Heikkila, the fundamental idea of BIM is in information classification and classified information transfer throughout the total construction process, the earlier we can apply BIM, the more benefits we can obtain in later work phases and The way how to do the implementation of BIM into the practical industrial processes, companies and other organizations in different countries is the key for success. He also mentioned to The Finnish National BIM Requirements COBIM 2012, how to apply and develop it in Finland, advantages and dificulities. He gived some example Finnish forerunners in Building BIM. In some states such as Finland, Denmark, Norway and USA, the use of BIM has been endorsed while some other states like Vietnam have progressed toward it
As Vietnam, Mr Pham Thanh (director of ViBIM) also talked to the advantage and difficulties of BIM integration into project in Vietnam. He focused on difficulties in human resource and process of researching and developing BIM integration into each project and how to use thoroughly the softwares effectively. He gived several examples in that his experiences over lasting years.
Tác giả: Thanh Pham