Vinata tower

Project type: Apartment
Location: Vietnam
Scale:  23.387m2
Scope of work:  Modeling from 2D CAD to 3D, system coordination, clash avoidance, shop drawings production and model based-quantity takeoff
Status: Completed
To integrate BIM into this project, VIBIM is responsible in consulting and cooperating with Vinata to implement various BIM applications such as: Planning BIM application strategy, BIM execution plan, template setting; Set online hosting for exchanging data; recreate trade models base on technical drawings; detect trade clashes; define design mistakes and position major clashes; lead coordination meeting with investor and contractor; detailed model of important positions (update model according to the latest data of contractor); detect clashes in important positions; model temporary system (scaffold, tower crane, elevator); QTO take-off and optimize construction progress of contractor; combine temporary system model, structural model, site model, and plan/actual construction progress to create construction process under ground; training VINATAs’ engineers perform themselves all of works within contract process; create structural model: define quantity of formwork and concrete for each area; create trade as-built and structural model.

Architectural modelling service

2D shopdrawing

MEPF modeling service


MEPF modelling service

These imagines above are extracted from the trade coordination drawing document for pre-contrucstion.