TTG Tower

Project type: Office Tower
Location: 174 Thái Hà - Hà Nội - Việt Nam
Scale: 10.000m2
Scope of work: BIM modeling, design review, 3D coordinate for construction
Status: On-going
TTG Tower has 13 floors, 3 basements, land area is 700 sqm and gross floor is 10 thousand sqm. Conceptually, its design is beutiful, luxurious and elegant Office Tower which is attractive at day and glamorous a night. It shall be a construction that is valuable in architecture and aesthtics, international in magnitude and sustainable for thousands of years. ViBIM joint into project as developing BIM models for all disciplines, design review, hence 3D coordination pre-construction. In the present, this project is running in design stage.

Revit modeling service

MEP modeling service

structure model

We help summasize all of adjustments design plan document into one model. Thanks for this model, stakeholders enable to check update consecutively design documents during design phase and check the compatibility of other disciplines.